The RAPACCIOLI ANTONIO Company sells and delivers violin making items and tools in Italy and abroad. The following General Selling Terms and Conditions apply to any business relation between customers and the RAPACCIOLI ANTONIO Company. Placing an order in writing, on-line or by phone implies fully accepting these Terms and Conditions.


The RAPACCIOLI ANTONIO Company sells and delivers to private and business customers, local authorities, schools, offices.


Orders can be placed:

  • by fax or letter
  • by phone
  • on-line

Minimum order threshold: € 30.00 (incl. VAT), unless otherwise agreed. Delivery costs are not included.

Orders can be split into multiple deliveries depending on product availability. Customers may request this option not to apply and to have their order processed in full. Whenever an order is not processed in full, a single delivery will be shipped only if meeting the minimum order threshold, and customers will be notified to consider adding more parts to their order. If this is not applicable, the order will not be processed. We would like to point out that steady business relations could make order processing easier and smoother for both customers and seller.
Orders can be fully or partially cancelled. The RAPACCIOLI ANTONIO Company reserves the right to accept or decline cancellations if orders have entered the dispatch process already. Customers will always be notified about cancellation outcomes.


Orders placed by 12 noon will be processed immediately and we aim to dispatch within 36 hours. This delivery information applies to products available in our stock. In case of out-of-stock items, delivery dates will be notified via email or by phone.


Upon placing an order, customers will receive a written confirmation via email or by fax.


Delivery charges are to be paid by the customer. The following delivery rates apply, however they may be subject to change at any time for a variety of reasons. The RAPACCIOLI ANTONIO Company does not carry any responsibility for items that are damaged or lost. Insurance coverage may apply only upon customer’s request. Dispatch and deliveries are managed through Poste Italiane (the Italian postal services provider).

Shipping rates (incl. VAT):

Deliveries in Italy:

- EXPRESS DELIVERY (to arrive within 2 working days)

For deliveries to Italian addresses except for Livigno, Trepalle, Campione d’Italia, Vatican City, and San Marino:

  • 0/2 kg = € 8,60
  • 2/5 kg = € 10,10
  • 5/10 kg = € 11,70
  • 10/20 kg = € 13,00
  • 20/30 kg = € 14,30

In case of CASH ON DELIVERY payment (maximum amount € 516.36), please add € 4.10.

INSURANCE rates for orders up to:

  • € 258,23 add € 3,00
  • € 516,46 add € 4,80
  • € 1549,37 add € 8,60
  • € 2582,28 add € 10,60

- STANDARD DELIVERY (to arrive within 4 working days)

For deliveries to Italian addresses except for Livigno, Trepalle, Campione d’Italia, Vatican City, and San Marino:

  • 0/2 kg = € 6,90
  • 2/5 kg = € 8,00
  • 5/10 kg = € 9,20
  • 10/20 kg = € 10,40
  • 20/30 kg = € 11,30

In case of CASH ON DELIVERY payment (maximum amount € 516.36), please add € 4.10.

INSURANCE rates for orders up to:

  • € 258,23 add € 3,00
  • € 516,46 add € 4,80
  • € 1549,37 add € 8,60
  • € 2582,28 add € 10,60

International Deliveries:



Delivery rates will be established depending on product weight/volume. When confirming your order, we will inform of the costs that apply.


All prices are in Euros. Prices can vary at any time without notice. EU customers holding a VAT registration number are not to pay Italian VAT; for all other customers, Italian VAT regulations apply when placing an order. Deliveries to non-EU Countries are not subject to VAT regulations.


- Cash on delivery (Italy only), for goods that are paid on delivery rather than in advance

- Advanced Bank (postal) Transfer once order is ready to be shipped:

In the ‘Transfer Reference’ box, please specify your order reference number as it appears on your order confirmation letter (e.g.: order no. 45 of 10/07/2016).

Postal Account details:
Poste Italiane S.p.A.
IBAN : IT13R0760111400001029251442
Account number: 001029251442
CAB: 11400
ABI: 07601

- Advanced Postal Payment Form once order is ready to be shipped

The Postal payment slip must be addressed to RAPACCIOLI ANTONIO, account number 1029251442.
Reference: please clearly specify your order reference number.
For example: Paul White – payment due for order number 54 of 20/02/2016, or POSTAL GIRO TRANSFER for postal accounts holders.
Postal Current Account holders can make a money transfer at the Post Office via Postal Giro, the equivalent of a bank money transfer; details are as follows: Account number 1029251442, Account holder name: RAPACCIOLI ANTONIO.

Other payment methods may be considered and authorised, when applicable.



The Italian regulation D. Lgs no. 185 of 22/05/1999 on the protection of consumers in respect of distance contracts regulates the selling of products on-line. This regulation formalises the consumer’s statutory right of cancellation, which is the possibility for consumers to make a decision of returning the goods and to be reimbursed for the purchase costs.

This regulation does not apply to customers holding a VAT registration number and requesting invoices, i.e. when orders are placed in relation to professional purposes.

Customers have the right to cancel their purchase, without penalty and without giving a reason, within 10 working days of receipt of delivery (according to the delivery date as stated on the carrier letter). To fully
benefit from this right of cancellation, customers should send a letter by registered mail with confirmation of delivery to the following address:
RAPACCIOLI ANTONIO - via Gaspare Aselli n. 11 - 26100 Cremona (Italy)
Customers may fax their decision to cancel their purchase, however a confirmatory letter via registered mail with confirmation of delivery must be sent as well within 48 hours from sending the fax. In case the right of cancellation has been assessed as applicable, customers are responsible for returning the goods at their own charge. Products must comply with what stated on the invoice/billing documentation and be new, unused, and complete in all their parts and packaging (envelope and/or package). The right of cancellation does not apply if these requirements are not met in full. Should the right of cancellation apply, once the returned goods have been received, the RAPACCIOLI ANTONIO Company shall reimburse the whole amount paid by the customer within 30 days of receiving the cancellation request. Delivery costs will not be reimbursed. Reimbursement methods include: bank transfer, exchange of items.


In case an order cannot be processed and fulfilled due to product unavailability, even temporarily, the RAPACCIOLI ANTONIO Company reserves the right to cancel the contract of sale within 30 days of the order being placed. The necessary information will be notified to customers under article 6, sec. 2, of the Italian D. Lgs no. 185 of 22/05/1999. Customers will only be entitled to reimbursement of the costs already paid.


Upon delivery, customers are required to check the correct number of parcels, to inspect them and verify their integrity. In case any damage is detected, a form called “Subject to inspection clause” should be signed and the reason specified (e.g., parcel is severely damaged, or parcel missing); this should then be emailed to our Customer Service Department within 24 hours of delivery. If replacement is requested as delivery does not match the order, the replacement notification request should be sent within 5 days of invoice/billing date to RAPACCIOLI ANTONIO – Via Gaspare Aselli n. 11 – 26100 Cremona (Italy).


The act of purchasing goods at the RAPACCIOLI ANTONIO Company implies fully accepting the warranty conditions provided by the manufacturer, which may be independent of the warranty itself.
Therefore, customers implicitly agree that any item purchased is subject to the manufacturer’s warranty and its conditions.


The RAPACCIOLI ANTONIO Company will treat customers’ personal data by complying with consumers’ right of data protection under article 13 of the Italian regulation D. Lgs no. 196/2003.
Providing personal data is not compulsory, however in case this is not provided, the obligations resulting from the selling contract cannot be fully met.
Customers’ personal data will be collected and managed electronically, directly by the RAPACCIOLI ANTONIO Company or by third parties, with the following purposes:

  • delivering the service and processing the order of purchased goods;
  • for statistical purposes and email advertising.

At times, consumers’ data has to be disclosed due to administration, accounting, financial, logistics and marketing purposes (e.g., to banks, accountants, consultants, public authorities, home delivery companies, outsourcing companies). A detailed list of these entities can be requested to the RAPACCIOLI ANTONIO Company. The Company will not share or disclose any internal information for commercial purposes, nor will it sell its own databases. Internal data and information held by the RAPACCIOLI ANTONIO Company will be known to and managed by authorised staff only.
Under article 7 of the Italian regulation D. Lgs no. 196/2003, customers have the right to obtain at any time information regarding the processing of their personal data as well as the methods, criteria and reasons for its processing. Customers have also the right to obtain:

  1. a confirmation that such data exists, as well as the access to personal data and its source;
  2. details of data owners and/or processors, as well as of those subjects who can be shared personal information with, or may become in charge of it as owner and processor;
  3. any data update, amendment and integration;
  4. its cancellation, anonymisation, and block if the data protection law has been breached;
  5. a proof that any action under section 3) and 4) has been notified to those involved in personal data disclosure and dissemination, with the exception of whether this notification cannot be accomplished due to a disproportion between notification means and the guaranteed rights;
  6. objection to data processing, although relevant to the purpose of data collection, for legitimate reasons; objection to data processing aiming at generating commercial information or market research.


Any part of the present General Selling Terms & Conditions can be changed without notice, and will be effective as of the date of publication on this website or the paper price list.


EU consumers should be aware that the European Commission has established an official website dedicated to helping consumers and traders resolve their disputes out-of-court. EU consumers can apply the information of this website to any case of dispute resulting from on-line selling of goods and services to reach an out-of-court resolution. Therefore, if you are a EU consumer, you can use this website (available at http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/) to try to find a settlement to a dispute concerning an on-line contract agreed with the Company Owner, namely the RAPACCIOLI ANTONIO Company.
The Company Owner is happy to answer any queries sent to the email address as indicated in the present document.


The Court of Cremona (Italy) will deal with any attempt to reach a resolution to a dispute arising from the interpretation, validity or execution of the present Terms and Conditions.

The English translation of these General Selling Terms and Conditions is solely for customers’ convenience. In case of contentious interpretation, only the Italian version will apply.